Totally got no time for that

Mon Oct 24 2016 11:13:59 GMT+0200 (CEST)
I have not enough time. At least not enough time to realize all the ideas I have. And every week or so there are coming new ones joining the others on a huge pile of forgotten projects. The huge problem I have with this situation is, that I never know whether it would have been worth to spend more time thinking on or even realizing an idea. Not mentioning all the fun working on these projects I let slip through my fingers. So this blog is how I want to change that!

Obviously there is still no time to realize all the projects, but I want to spent at least some thoughts about concepts, possible technology stacks or business models for some of my ideas. This way time worthy projects can become closer to their realization and nonesense ideas can give me some joy while thinking about them.
Maybe this can be an inspiration for me or anyone who reads this.

Best regards
Norb Braun